Hey, it’s Nafis Azizi here!
Welcome to where I bring my ideas to life through <coding/>, problem-solving, and a passion for technology
Turning ideas to life through innovative and impactful projects
SPARC. Smart Predictions and Action for Responding to Wildfire Crises
Addresses the public health crisis posed by wildfire smoke through smart predictions and actionable insights. Utilizing NASA satellite data, NOAA's Global Forecast Data, and Google Cloud's Maps Platform.
MatkulGue, University Course Catalog, Timetable Builder, and Course Planner
A MERN web app for UI students. 14K+ courses, 99.9% server uptime via AWS. Visual planning, non-clashing timetables, calendar sync, and custom wallpapers make course management seamless. Access course details with ease.
Peopl. Ultimate Online Discussion Forum For Youth Empowerment
Anonymous dialogues, personalized connections, and skill growth. Filling the void for Indonesian youth seeking a safe space for meaningful interactions and personal development. This project won 1st Place in Garuda Hacks 4.0.
SEANEMEA, One Stop Movie Booking App
Simplifying movie bookings. Browse movies, view details, and book showtimes effortlessly. Your one-stop movie companion for an enhanced cinema experience. Coded using React and TypeScript.